Engineering products. Universalists and specialists.

Engineering products. Universalists and specialists advise and support our customers from the conceptual phase to execution, for the implementation and operation it is profitable, environmentally friendly and technically optimal for their work. In particular, facilities for energy production and infrastructure projects for the supply and disposal, as well as sustainable measures for almost natural environmentally integrated, planning for the protection and use of environmentally sensitive areas, as well as improving the situation with wildlife. The services we offer correspond to the main tasks of production and energy supply, issues related to drinking water and wastewater, as well as taking into account the growing danger of natural disasters.

Our project managers and recognized experts have solid knowledge and extensive experience. Thanks to this wide range of engineering products and ongoing training, our research activities and innovative developments, we guarantee our customers exceptional and sustainable solutions for their projects. Thanks to our motivation and our professional pride, we provide a very high level of service.

The automotive engineering course in mechanical engineering will take place at two levels: in the first two years, training is provided for a universal mechanical engineer. Upon completion of this training, which will become common for all mechanical students, a student-engineer will be able to deal with the classical problems of design, industrialization, maintenance and production management. He will also have the necessary experience for effective participation in industrial projects.

Upon completion of training, a student engineer will receive more advanced skills in the field of industrial management, production management and project management. He will be better than others in the positions of project manager, production manager and quality manager in various industries. He can also be hired as a sales engineer in sectors with a strong technical and commercial component or in managerial positions in small companies. Plastics and Composites (P.C). Upon completion of training, a student engineer will receive more developed skills in the design and manufacture of plastic parts and parts from composite materials. He will be better than others to hold the positions of engineer, design bureau, process engineer, production manager, quality manager or maintenance manager in the relevant industrial sector. Digital Mechanics (M.N). At the end of this course, a student-engineer will have more developed skills in scientific calculations and numerical modeling. He will be better than others to hold the position of research engineer in various sectors of mechanical engineering.

Professions in the field of industrial engineering, maintenance and production are reflected in a wide range of key sectors of the economy: automotive, railway, electronic, capital goods, information technology, agri-food products, chemical industry, etc.

Automotive engineering. These enterprises are marked by changes that characterize the industry in the sense of developing innovation, constant concern for quality, the growing internationalization of production and markets, and constant efforts. optimization and cost management. Companies are looking for advanced profiles that can support the improvement of their performance. The need for employment is becoming more numerous, as retirement will accelerate in the coming years, and globalization requires strong skills in developing projects and monitoring activities.

Manage teams and processes, innovate, design a product and manage its industrialization, intervene in and manage a production line, optimize the flow of components and related information systems, negotiate with a supplier based abroad, review the logistics scheme, maintain and troubleshoot industrial equipment , taking into account the many technical, economic and managerial limitations … The range of skills required tends to expand. The offered professions are very diverse, which allows you to move from one function to another and enrich your career.

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