Engineering companies. International engineering company

Engineering companies. As a world leader in engineering and R&D consulting, it assists major industry groups in researching and developing new innovative products and services. With our main players in the automotive, aerospace, energy, railway, medical, telecommunications and other fields, our engineers are in a stimulating and creative environment and offer individual solutions to solve problems. and the technological challenges of today and tomorrow (IoT, autonomous driving, BI Big Data, artificial intelligence, systems engineering, software development, cybersecurity, corporate architecture, e-health …).

It offers you the opportunity to participate in multicultural teams and in many fields of activity, quickly gaining managerial or technical responsibilities in accordance with your professional ambitions. If you like unique technological challenges and work in a dynamic and creative environment: join us and build your future together!

An international environmental engineering company offers global solutions in the field of environment, infrastructure, water resources planning and land use through multidisciplinary teams of experts and qualified consultants. Combining strategic thinking, technical expertise and an end-to-end look at the problems facing customers, offers them sustainable solutions. In the Group, you can develop and become an expert in a specialized field or move to a more commercial or managerial position. At Group, we care about your career, offer you the opportunity to work on international projects and enrich your skills. It is also an opportunity to participate in future projects thanks to its budget allocated for research and development.

An international multidisciplinary group of consulting, engineering and project management in construction, infrastructure, industry, water supply and the environment. The staff of which totals 4000 people, is in Europe a reference engineering company. All these landmark projects, led by a group whose mission is to come up with, design and develop more efficient, harmonious and sustainable cities and territories. To build the world of tomorrow, we need specialized engineers, project managers and designers in France and abroad. Free your talents, join us!

The company is also a major player in the field of engineering and consulting in the field of sustainable mobility, energy transfer and living conditions. The company abandons its actions in four directions: construction, water and the environment, energy and industry, the city and mobility. Thanks to technical excellence and innovation, teams take on new challenges from their customers every day to support them in the long run and invent them tomorrow. Regardless of any shareholder outside the group, Ingérop is directly owned by its leaders and the mutual fund of the company, which guarantees the independence of all operations of the group. Ingérop is a group that prioritizes the quality of human relationships, shared values, the well-being of its employees, their safety and health at work. Join us for the Ingérop experience: high-tech projects, teamwork and a great human adventure that allows everyone to flourish. Attitude monitor.

Engineering company offers solutions that combine all the technical, economic, environmental and social aspects for sustainable development of cities and territories and thereby protect the attitude monitor. We work with local authorities, public authorities, public service providers, private and industrial consumers in various sectors: water supply and water supply, environment and waste, urban and transport infrastructure, energy, telecommunications and public finance. Our business: consulting, project management, investment optimization and integrated project management to optimize costs and terms.

1,150 employees, specialists and experts are present in more than 35 countries. Join Engineering companies is: – integrate the link into the sustainable development of cities and territories; – to be supported in order to progress and build your career through an active policy of training and development of skills; – use career opportunities at the international level within the framework of consulting and a group; – experience the entrepreneurial spirit, technical competence, determination and team spirit!

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